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Mr S.P. Chua

S.P., as he is fondly known by all, can lay claim to having seen most of the BB movement in Singapore, unquestionably being the one and the only person who has continuous service in the BB in Singapore, having joined the First Singapore Company at the tender age of 15 in 1930. Three years later, S.P. won the then highest and most coveted award in the BB - the King's Badge.

The early days of the BB in Singapore were trying, to say the least. S.P. recalled there was a time when the movement was severely depleted by resignations.

During the Japanese occupation in 1942, he recalled having to transport by trishaw, a whole load of BB literature and equipment from the Battalion headquarters in Prinsep Street back to his own home to avoid them bring discovered and destroyed. He later brought them back in 1945 to help revive the movement.

In 1940, at the age of 25, the captaincy of the First Singapore Company was thrust upon him. In 1954, he led the Singapore contingent of 11 persons to the Eton Centenary Camp: the contingent was away for three months as they went to the UK and back by boat.

In 1958 after handing over the captaincy of the company to Mr Tan Kek Wah, S.P. served as the President of BB in Singapore for seven years and in 1964 he became the President of the Pacific Regional Fellowship of the BB for three years. He represented Singapore at the inaugural meeting of the World Conference of the Boys' Brigade held in Scotland in 1963, continuing there as Singapore's representative until 1976. In 1969, he was chairman of the pro-tem committee of the Stedfast Club, the BB Old Boys' Association in Singapore and served as its first President until 1975.

After spending more than sixty-eight years of his life in the Boys' Brigade, Mr Chua is now more sure than ever that there is no better movement than the BB for the training of youth today, although he does compliment other similar movements. "The BB is a wonderful organization and it has helped a lot of Boys to grow into men of Christian character: it has helped me and is still helping those Boys in it," says Siak Phuang.

"With its twin pillars of religion and discipline, it is the best movement for boys for the youth of Singapore, and it has done its fair share for nation-building."


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