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In the Seniors Section, Boys are divided into Squads. The Squad System was devised by our Founder, Sir William Alexander Smith. It helps to organize a body of Boys into manageable groups for effective training and interaction. In the First Singapore Company, Boys are divided into 2 Squads (Alpha and Bravo) and each squad is in charge by a leader and an assistant. A Squad Leader is responsible for his squad's welfare, attendance, conduct and smartness of the Boys under him. His first duty is to keep the squad complete and to prevent Boys from losing interest and dropping out of the company. The Company Sergeant Major (CSM) is the most senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and he is to instill discipline and order in the company with the help of Warrant Officers and Instructors. Programme is planned by the Officers and CSM and is run by a scheduled duty NCO called Company Orderly Sergeant (COS).

Yao Huang
CSM: WO Zhuang Yao Huang

Yong Han
ACSM: WO Wong Yong Han

Squad Alpha

SGT Tan Wei Kiat ( Squad Leader)

SGT Paulo Rogero

Squad Officers

2LT Lee Wen Long
2LT Wong Fu Luen

Squad Bravo

SGT Ye Jun Jie (Squad Leader)

CPL Rencel John M Ramos

Squad Officers

2LT David Heng
OCT Jeffrey Lee


Squad Charlie

SGT Ho Qi Xian (Squad Leader)

CPL Tan Jin Kang

Squad Officers

2LT Jeremy Tan
2LT Joe Lee


First Coy Chart 2



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